Ahoy.Ai automatically schedules and manages meetings for you with just 1 email.
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Using Ahoy.Ai is easy:

  1. To: Meeting attendees
  2. Cc: meet@ahoy.ai
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Scheduling meetings is made simple with Ahoy.Ai, a smart system that finds when everyone can meet. Even people like prospective clients and interviewees: people you haven't even talked to yet.

Getting started is easy and free:
CC meet@ahoy.ai in message to others Image

When emailing other people looking to schedule a meeting, simply CC meet@ahoy.ai on the email.

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You are alerted that Meeting Invites have been Sent Meeting Invites Sent
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The invitations are then sent out to meeting participants to confirm.

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Ahoy Ai Meeting Time Sent

After all meeting invitations are accepted or 12 hours has passed, the meeting time is sent out to all confirmed participants and their synced calendars.

It's that easy.
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So why did we build Ahoy.Ai?
Because scheduling costs a LOT of money.
Turns out Ahoy.Ai can save you time and money
every time you use it.

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Money you're wasting scheduling your own meetings:
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Ahoy.Ai is officially LIVE and open to the public!
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