Top Apps to Help Manage Overwhelming Email

August 24, 2017 | Jesse Rowe

Love it or hate it (trust me, we know you hate it) email is one of those things that doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon. Actually, the bad news, is that the importance of email is being shown to be increasing in the upcoming years.

The good news? There are ways to manage it.

I’ve compiled a quick, free, list of some email productivity apps that are sure to help you out whether that thing is either way overloaded or you just want another hand to help.


It might just be the millennial in me, but most likely it’s my love of keeping things short and sweet that emojis have completely taken over most of my forms of communication. Why send your coworkers back a long-winded answer when you could just send over a thumbs up or our personal office favorite, the cowboy? This is what Spark focuses on. Those quick response emails that shouldn’t be taking up any of your time in the day.

Spark Web Site


We all know the difficulties of scheduling a meeting especially if that meeting is with more than one person. Ahoy.Ai eliminates the entire process of scheduling a meeting with just one email. To use Ahoy.Ai and never schedule a meeting again, simply CC in an email with the people you’d like to meet with. From there, Ahoy.Ai will use its natural language processing machine and AI-based algorithm to find the most optimal time for everybody to meet. It’s free to use so go check it out today.

Ahoy.Ai Web App


Sometimes it’s just the boring, old, look of email that gets me down. The second I pop into that monochrome application I feel like I’ve entered the scary work world, and of course you can change your color schemes on just about any mail application but Hop takes that a step further. Unfortunately, only available on iOS, but a necessity for anyone that believes work shouldn’t always have to feel like work.

Hop in the App Store

I’ve been using for as long as I’ve had a phone I believe. For me, it’s just become one of those staple applications that look like they came right with the phone out of the box. is simple, but necessary, uncluttering your mailbox by recognizing and rolling up similar types of emails into one email a day. And of course, you have complete control. Web Site


Alright, I prefaced this list with free, but I’ve gotten go back on my word because I’ve forgotten about one of my favorite productivity apps out there - Triage. It’s only $1.99 and it’s worth trying just for the uniqueness and game-like qualities it turns your email into. Instead of the the regular mailbox format, Triage shows you one email at a time in a stack of cards. Easy to navigate, easy to separate, and something quick to do in your downtime to get rid of emails and sort without a hassle.

Triage Web Site