Why you should probably schedule a meeting...

April 5, 2017 | Jesse Rowe

Scheduling a meeting can be quite the demanding task especially when you don't want to bother or annoy your fellow team members. You can obviously conduct meetings where you have multiple valid reasons to have more than one of these agendas present.

1. Give information

“Hello everyone. I’ve brought you all together today to let you know what’s been going on about the pending lawsuit. I’d like you to leave here today understanding what’s going on, and with as much background as you need to be able to answer questions that may arise from our customers.”

2. Get information

“Thanks for coming. We’ve invited you all here to find out from everyone what we should be aware of what’s going on in your division relative to the new product roll-out. We want to know what’s happening at all levels in the organization about this, so we can make some adjustments in our plans accordingly.”

3. Develop options

“We’d like to spend this afternoon surfacing, formulating, and exploring as many possible ways to deal with the problem we’ve just uncovered in the new system implementation. We want to make sure we’ve got everyone’s perspectives, and all the possible alternatives formulated.”

4. Make decisions

“We’ve brought you all together this morning to present to you the three proposed approaches to launching our new product, and get a consensus decision on which one to pursue.”

5. Warm magical human contact

“There are 3 agenda items we would like to cover today. And although we could have done this by email, we wanted to have an opportunity to bring the new team together in one place, and get some time to get to know each other between the lines…”

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